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Leave your guests awe-inspired by hiring the top-ranked Wedding Caterer in Lucknow

Alleviate yourself from the worries of planning for your events by hiring the best caterer in Lucknow. We at Kisan Kanhaiya Caterers have over 2 decades of experience at wedding and event catering, making sure that your vision of a perfect wedding is transformed into delicious reality.

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Bringing you food that’s Lusciously Divine since 2008

We have catered at more than 120 weddings and serve over 300+ people every day at different government and corporate offices and training centers all throughout Lucknow. So you can rest assured, whatever your catering need may be, the top rated caterer in Lucknow is here to serve it.

Caterers in Lucknow

The Journey to becoming the Finest Caterer in Lucknow

We started this organization as a small side-project in 2008, providing our services only to a niche clientele base—a network which we had gained through working for about two decades, at various roles and levels in this industry. In our inchoate stages, all the gigs we got were solely through our existing clients and referrals. But thankfully, the overwhelming support we received from our clients and the gigs we got through their word of mouth, helped us expand our business at a scale we never expected.
From there on, we diversified into providing staffing and mess services, a transition in which our previous clients helped us out a lot. We now work as an exclusive catering partner with some of the leading banks and training institutes in Lucknow.
Our journey, has been evident, of how indispensable a satisfied customer is for a business like us, for if we hadn’t received the support we received from our clients, and the work we got through their word of mouth, we would have been long gone. It is through the unceasing invaluable support of our customers that we have now established ourselves as one of the best wedding caterers in Lucknow

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Food has an arcane quality to it. One which can’t be judged from pictures alone, it can only be tasted and experienced, so are you ready to divulge into this experience with us?
Caterers in Lucknow

Caterers in Lucknow

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Caterers in Lucknow